Direct Primary Care for Your Employees

At Sasser DPC we focus on you, the patient. Our goal is to provide you accessible, affordable, premium healthcare.

No insurance.
No deductible.
No copay.
And, no extra bills.

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Patient Benefits

Direct Primary Care or DPC, is a unique approach to providing traditional primary care. By removing insurance from the equation, patients can receive the premium care they deserve at a very cost-effective rate.

Patients at Sasser DPC receive:

Convenient same day appointments

No need to schedule appointments weeks in advance. Typically, patients get same-day or next-day appointment with zero wait time.

Convenient same day appointments

No need to schedule appointments weeks in advance. Typically, patients get same-day or next-day appointment with zero wait time.

Significantly reduced rates on medications

  • Wholesale pricing on prescription medication which is dispensed directly in the clinic.
  • Labs and imaging at negotiated direct rates

Additional benefits

  • Unlimited clinic visits
  • Visits are as short or as long as the patient would like
  • Zero deductible or copay for visits


What if?

  • You could make same-day appointments?  
  • There was no wait before your appointment? 
  • You could email, text, or video chat with your doctor? 
  • You could access your doctor when you’re on vacation?
  • You had medication filled in clinic at a much lower cost?
  • What if all of this was actually a real thing?

Too good to be true?

Meet Dr. Sasser

Dr. Sasser grew up in Livingston Parish and graduated from LSU in 1993. After graduation, he began a career in the military, initially serving in the United States Marine Corps and later transferring to the Air Force. He trained in multiple aircraft, primarily the AH-1W Cobra and F-15 Eagle. He proudly served our country on active duty for 14 years before deciding to pursue a new career in medicine.


The best doctor I have had in years. Dr. Sasser listens to all my health care concerns and answers each one of my questions. He has excellent bedside manners as well. I have recommended family as well to become his patients.

Brandy Brown

Very glad to have Dr. Sasser in this community as a doctor who takes the time to meet with and really listen to each patient.

– John Armstrong

“We’ve had an amazing experience. Andrew, Renee, and their team have been amazing. Starting from helping us create an amazing website, to double the people coming through our doors.

Extremely happy with their services.”

– Edward Levitan

A caring doctor who has the time to listen to health concerns and values your time as well. Always readily available to answer questions outside of appointment times. More knowledgeable than most practitioners and actually wants to get to the root of an issue rather than medicate and move on. Extremely pleased to have found this practice.

– Karen Morrisette

If you factor in the time you will save using Dr.Sasser over other health alternatives he is the least expensive option, add to that a level of care second to none and why would you go anywhere else for your health services?

John Schilling

Real, premium care that focuses on your health care needs.

Now is the time to join the Direct Primary Care movement that is returning healthcare to its roots by putting the focus back on the doctor-patient relationship. Real, premium care an affordable rate with completely transparent pricing.