True Life Medicine: A Direct Primary Care Clinic in Need of Marketing Help

John Uher is the CEO of True Life Medicine. For years, they had been a staple of their small Colorado community. Patients loved the results they were seeing on account of True Life’s personalized treatment plans and concierge wellness approach. Operations were also going smoothly. John was keeping the staff happy, onboarding new clients, and billing without issue.

But John soon realized that the practice was missing one key ingredient. Growth!

So, he reached out to Direct Primary Care Marketing for a solution. He chose Direct Primary Care Marketing because of its targeted niche and personal attention offered to each partner. He wanted the same level of care in his marketing content that he promises to each one of True Life’s client.



True Life Medicine is a Direct Primary Care practice located in a small Colorado mountain town. While the tight-knit community led to strong word-of-mouth referrals, few people truly knew what Direct Primary Care is.

Even more challenging, True Life Medicine knew that if they wanted to grow their practice, they would have to attract loyal clients from the city 30 minutes away. They needed a marketing firm that could break into a new market and drive new patient sign-ups organically and through paid ads.


True Life Medicine needed a full-stack marketing plan that educated the public about DPC while presenting True Life Medicine as a healthcare option worth investing in. They also needed a marketing team that would keep their unique, patient-focused brand in mind when creating content.


As the practice grew, they added more services to their website. Direct Primary Care Marketing was able to create high-quality pages with the content and features necessary for converting visitors to paying clients.

Social Media

Direct Primary Care Marketing provided social media posts covering health tips, informational videos, and podcast clips from the practice’s popular podcast.

Online Ads

Using advanced targeting techniques, Direct Primary Care Marketing prescreened qualified leads and signed them up for discovery calls. With a little add spend, the practice grew by leaps and bounds.


Through blogs and optimize webpages, True Life quickly ranked in the top search results for functional medicine. James appreciated the added organic visibility without consistent expense on ads.


Functional Medicine Marketing provides sophisticated software that clinics can use to boost their efficiency and sales funnels. Schedule high-converting newsletters to your list. Automate repetitive administrative tasks. Manage patient scheduling from an easy-to-use dashboard. True Life Medicine used our software products to improve their bottom line.


3 Benefits Direct Primary Care Marketing Provided to True Life Medicine

Done-for-You Marketing

Direct Primary Care Marketing took a large burden off the True Life Medicine team’s shoulders when they stepped in to handle marketing. Too many doctors spend their time writing newsletters when they should be seeing patients. True Life Medicine freed their team to do what they do best while allowing Direct Primary Care Marketing to excel at their own specialty.

Prompt, One-on-One Service

Every successful marketing relationship requires personalization. Marketing is like medicine – cookie-cutter solutions don’t produce results. Direct Primary Care Marketing worked hard to implement the subtle points of brand messaging across all marketing channels and responded promptly to all questions and comments.

More Clients

At the end of the day, Direct Primary Care Marketing aims to help practices find more patients so that they can help more people. True Life Medicine was able to attract new clients without over relying on one single lead source. Direct Primary Care Marketing creates a strong marketing ecosystem that can withstand changes in economics, delivery model, and customer preference.

Our Team is Ready to Help You Come Up with the Best Marketing Strategy for Direct Primary Care in 2023

We know you’re busy. You’re seeing clients, making new hires, and working to improve your DPC services. Direct Primary Care Marketing has helped dozens of clinics across the country implement incredible marketing strategies. 

  • Higher revenues
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  • More lives changed through direct primary care

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